About me

Miikka-Markus Leskinen, 2020

Miikka-Markus Leskinen

  • Master of Social Sciences in International Relations (IR)
  • Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Fonecta
  • Hometown Tampere
  • Business ID: FI31325481

I was born on the Arctic Cicle in Rovaniemi, Lapland, where I also lived for 30 years. A few years ago I moved to Pirkanmaa, Finland.


An occasionally updated blog where I deal primarily with critical thinking, political philosophy, creativity, and other scientific and unscientific themes. Content in Finnish.

X (Twitter)

X (formerly Twitter) is Finland's most significant social media for influencers in academia, politics and journalism. I post freely. Content is mostly in Finnish:


LinkedIn is Finland's most important social media for B2B sales, marketing and recruitment. I'm a 2023 candidate to become one of 30 Certified LinkedIn Marketing Experts in the world, and the only one from Finland.

If you’re not interested in the latest trends from the field of marketing and advertising, don’t click this link.

Social and Political Campaigns

I have been planning and conducting various political election campaigns since 2012. I have worked as an ad editor, campaign organizer and elections manager for several candidates and party organizations in Finland.

From 2016 to 2019 I lived in Parkano, Finland (a small town of some 6,200 inhabitants), where I participated in municipal politics and worked for instance as a deputy member of the city council. In the spring of 2019, I was a candidate for Christian Democrats (Finland) / KD in the EU parliament elections where the main theme of my campaign was the work against global climate change.

Since 2019 I'm not a member or permanent supporter of any left-wing or right-wing party. I read about social causes daily and do commentary especially on international politics.

In Media

Note: These links are in Finnish.

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  • Fonecta, 21.2.2022. ”Markkinointipodcast: Kansainvälinen B2B-markkinointi.” (linkki)
  • Ylä-Satakunta, 13.9.2020, ”Miikka-Markus Leskinen jätti Parkanon” (linkki)
  • Aamulehti, 26.5.2019, ”Uutiset: Eurovaalit”
  • Seurakuntalainen.fi, 24.5.2019, ”Porvaripuolueiden ehdokkaat kehottivat äänestämään kristillisten arvojen ja rauhan vuoksi” (linkki)
  • Radio Dei, 22.5.2019, eurovaalitentti: Eija-Riitta Korhola (kok.), Mikaela Björklund (rkp.), Miikka-Markus Leskinen (kd.)
  • Yle Tampere (radio), 15.5.2019, haastattelu: Elsi Ranta ja Miikka-Markus Leskinen
  • KD-Lehti, 13.5.2019, ”Kristillisdemokratia on Euroopan johtava aate” (linkki)
  • Ylä-Satakunta, 7.5.2019, ”Konservatiivi torjumaan hiipivää liittovaltiota”
  • Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, 13.3.2019, ”Sanomaa verkkosivuilla ja valtaväylillä”
  • Ylä-Satakunta, 27.2.2018, ”Kulkuyhteydet Parkanosta ratkaisivat muuton tänne”
  • AlfaTV, 22.3.2018, AlfaStudio ”Millaisia ovat tulevaisuuden päättäjät?”

Doctoral Research (currently on hold)

I have been registered as a doctoral (Ph.D) student at the University of Lapland since 2018. As part of my research I follow the progress of the historical recognition of the 1915-1923 Armenian genocide. Follow my academic profile on Academia.edu.

Picture from Rovaniemi, winter